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Coming 2025

Oathbound: Dark Continent

War has waged of eons between the forces of light and darkness, heaven and hell.

The light, wanting to create anew, did bless this world with life... simple in its form at first , did grow and flourish into the mortal races, beasts of the land, sea and air, plant and the wonders of nature, gifting unto living beings the blessings of knowledge and magic.

Hell, forever deceitful saw the purity of this creation and sought to corrupt this world, gifting unto the mortal races promises of power and darkened knowledge, twisting the blood of mortals entwining with beast and giving birth to orc and troll, dark pacts promising position and life unyielding.

One such man, Balur...... did cast darkened ritual, enveloped with evil spirit and summoned unto himself dark forces that stripped his mortal form and gave birth to undeath, casting aside what once was did then deny hell of his darkened soul and brought forth blackened spirits of the pit to serve unto him in undeath.

So dark his corruption that the very land itself now shows signs of this evil, what once was plains now gives way to swamp and blackened marsh, mountain gives home to beasts and its held sway by dark spirits, places that no mortal dare tread.